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A masterpiece

_DSC4418This is the spot where she would go each day after school for an entire week.  Sometimes daddy and I would join her to contribute to the mural, but mostly it was her masterpiece.  Had she been given the opportunity, we would have had a completely redesigned patio floor that would have made Gustav Klimt proud.

But the not-so-funny thing about chalk is it washes away.  When the time came to wash down the patio furniture, my little Gustav’s work went right along with the dust and dirt.  There were tears and exclamations of, “But I worked so hard on that!” I explained that the great thing about chalk art is you get to wipe the slate clean and start a new masterpiece.  In truth, her statement stabbed at my heart and my words were only a facade to hide that fact.  She did, indeed, work very hard on it, and in her mind, it wasn’t just the color that was washed away – it was her time, her efforts, her pride in her work. It was something she looked forward to coming home to every day.  I wish I would have seen that before I turned the nozzle on the hose, but as with chalk art, we’ll do it different next time.



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