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Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

_DSC4460Scavenger hunts are a really great way to entertain kids and…well…let’s face it, I enjoy them, too!  Two years ago, we were searching for hidden letters and numbers and finding objects around the house that matched a colored piece of paper.  This year, armed with new skills in letter sounds and sight words, we found objects around the house that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  Then, taking it up a notch, we practiced writing the word of each object on her dry erase board.

_DSC4464 _DSC4463With some of the more difficult letters like ‘Q’ and ‘X’, I gave hints and had her figure them out.  I really loved watching her get excited as she ran out of the room exclaiming, “Oh, I know something!” I also enjoyed seeing what she would bring back, for it was often something I never thought of.  For example, for the letter ‘V’ she brought back a bag of carrots and said, “vegetables”.


We spent over an hour with this activity and she was engaged the entire time.  It is simple to do and can be played inside or outside. I truly love a scavenger hunt’s versatility and fun for all ages.

What is one of your favorite scavenger hunts?


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