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Bringing the outdoors in

With the usual hot temperatures hanging around outside, I decided to keep things interesting this week by bringing the outdoor feel inside.  For a family who likes to be outside more than not, creativity is a must to get through the summer months here.

For dinner one night last week, we spread out a blanket on the living room floor and feasted, picnic-style, on hot dogs, baked beans and tomatoes. It was like we were camping with a TV and without bugs… next stop, imagination station.

_DSC4458On Saturday night, we pulled out the Aerobed and had a movie night/sleepover. I’m really not sure why we haven’t done this since Christmas because it’s so much fun and takes very little effort. It’s especially worth doing while we have a great snuggler in our midst.  I mean, who can resist that precious face? I know I can’t, even when I had a couple limbs thrown at my head and multiple blanket adjustments throughout the night. Ah, motherhood._DSC4468

Of course, with a movie night comes homemade popcorn, and I found this really good popcorn seasoning that is worth trying.  I made extra to have on hand the next time we make popcorn because it was a hit in this family.




4 T celery salt (Here is how to make your own celery salt.)
4 T dried parsley flakes
6 t garlic powder
6 t salt (I recommend Real Salt.)
6 t ground summer savory (can try subbing thyme, but it will be a tad stronger)
2 t dried marjoram
2 t dried thyme
1 t pepper
1 t turmeric
1 t ground sage


Combine all in a small bowl.  Store in glass or plastic container with a tight fitting lid.  Stir or shake occasionally before use to redistribute ingredients.  Simply sprinkle on top of freshly popped popcorn and enjoy!

How was your weekend? 


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