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Monday Fun Day

Yesterday, the three of us took a little day trip to Flagstaff.  We rode the Scenic Chairlift up Arizona Snowbowl and were met with amazing views at 11,500 feet. The ride is 30 minutes each way and well worth the trip.  We got off at the top to do some exploring and take in the views that only double black diamond skiers get to see in the winter months (that would NOT be me). With temperatures over 105 at home, the 60 degrees at the top was a welcome change.

After our morning at the top, we headed east to see the 2.4 miles in circumference and more than 550 feet deep Meteor Crater. It was pretty impressive as well and worth a stop if you’re near the area.

It was a great way to spend a weekday off right before school starts.  On Thursday, we will have a Kindergartener in the house!



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Five Senses Monday

On Saturday, we took a day trip to Sedona.  Here’s how one day in this beautiful place filled my senses.

Hearing. The sweet sounds of an acoustic guitar while lounging out on the patio at The Enchantment Resort.

photo 3

Tasting. A glass of red wine sangria while lounging on the said patio and listening to the said musician.

Seeing. A 360 degree view of these red beauties while watching a mix of sun and developing storm clouds create a stunning light dance on them.  A great backdrop for a little game of croquet.

photo 1

Smelling. Fresh air and a newly built fire as the sun goes down along with the warm day’s temperatures.

Feeling. Privileged to have such beauty close to home. It makes those day trips easily obtainable when the need to get out of town seems so great.

photo 4

Please feel free to join in.  You can also visit No Apathy Allowed for Five Senses Friday.


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A Wonder Indeed

This past weekend we took a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  It is a great time of year to visit – weather was beautiful, low crowds and free entry into the park over President’s Day weekend (find out here when the fee free days are scheduled this year).  It was D’s first trip and certainly won’t be the last.  She, too, can appreciate the beauty of this world wonder.


_DSC3740 _DSC3734 _DSC3764 _DSC3739 _DSC3696 _DSC3735 _DSC3765 _DSC3789 _DSC3702 _DSC3724 _DSC3731


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2nd Annual Pumpkin Patch Train

After another enjoyable train ride to the pumpkin patch, this fall excursion is making its way up the tradition list.  Only two hours from home, it makes for a nice day trip with a stop in Flagstaff for dinner before heading home.

D has grown up quite a bit from last year’s visit.  I found a couple photos to showcase just how much she’s grown over the last year.  Her excitement was no less abundant, however.




Still loves Smokey the Bear  


2013 – First ride on a steam engine


2014 – Watching the pines go by


A laugh with Daddy


Getting ready to leave the depot


Relaxed in anticipation


With Mommy at the patch


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Our summer visit to CA

This year marked our 4th annual 4th of July visit to B & G’s (aka Papa and Gigi).  I’m not really sure how this trip became a tradition, but it’s something we have looked forward to every year (even if it isn’t our only CA trip of the year).  There are always the simple, “traditional” things we do each time – pool, beaches, parks, walk to Mag’s Donuts, clam chowder at Sabatino’s, Farmer’s Market, fireworks show from the balcony… And then we always add something new to the trip – keep things lively.  This year we visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  It was D’s first visit to an aquarium and she quickly discovered her favorite animals – sting rays and sea otters.  I, personally, would second the sea otters and add jelly fish to the top of my list – especially the jellies that have lights.  Nature sure is amazing and I’m convinced that tropical fish were designed by Crayola.

Besides the aquarium, this trip’s highlights were celebrating B & G’s 50th wedding anniversary, a little early, with a nice dinner at Gulfstream in Newport Beach; watching D’s confidence in swimming grow stronger each day in the pool; watching the strong surf at the Wedge and playing in the sand, seaweed and tidal pools in Little Corona.  So fun!

Here are some highlight photos from the trip:


Jumping in is the best part


She swam the entire length of the pool with her trusty kick board


Laughing at the seagulls running in the waves


Building sand castles at the Wedge


Watching a penguin swim from below


Admiring the color palettes with Gigi in the Tropical exhibit


With Papa and the Penguins


Getting a close up view of the sting rays


Family photo at Newport Beach Civic Center



Celebrating B & G’s 50th Anniversary


Someone loves her Papa


Somehow, chores are more fun on vacation



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Pumpkin Patch Train

One of my fondest memories of autumn is the annual visit to the pumpkin patch.  Over the years, I have been to many different varieties.  My favorite, of course, being the patches where you cut the pumpkins straight off their vines.  This year, the authenticity was absent, but the experience was a nice substitute.  We took a little road trip to Williams, AZ and caught the Grand Canyon Railway to a “secret” pumpkin patch that is only accessible my rail (and vehicles with proper permits).  Sure, the pumpkins were carted in the big boxes you can find at the grocery store, but the search for the perfect pumpkin was still the name of the game.  Strategically placed, the patch hosted pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes.  D found a great one with one small “boo boo”.  Rest assured, a hydrogen peroxide pad was promptly applied to it as soon as we got home.

First train ride for D, perfect weather, great memories.











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Summer Vacation

Our annual summer vacation to Southern California included lots of pool time, beach days, eating on patios, fireworks, pony rides, train rides, parks, walking and exploring.  I even squeezed in a haircut and Delaney enjoyed a play date.

This time of year is when I wish our one-week vacation could be more like a one-month vacation.  My little family loves to be outside and whenever we head west during this particularly hot time at home, that’s exactly what we do – head outside when the sun rises and go back in when the crickets begin their evening sing-along.  Ah yes, now that’s a summer vacation worth writing about.

Here is a little snapshot of our trip this year, or you can visit our flickr set here.

CA July 13 Mosaic


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