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Happy Independence Day, U.S.A.

FotorCreatedI love the 4th of July.  Combine that with a cloudy, rainy day yesterday and it called for a day of festive craftiness.

1. Stenciling stars and fireworks with sidewalk chalk.  With the intermittent rain, we chose to do this under the eaves of our front walk.

2. A paint by numbers American flag.  Once the paint was dry, she added a texture element with matching tissue pieces. She loves to wrap the tissue around the tip of an eraser and stick it on with glue.

For those of you who live here in the U.S., we wish you a safe and happy holiday!



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True Colors

When we first signed up for dance class, I wasn’t quite sure how it would go. What I knew at the time was that I lived with a little girl who loved to dance around the house all the time in various costumes, to various music whether it was on iTunes or in her head. I also knew the kid had rhythm and some moves of her own, but didn’t always like sharing them with others. Oftentimes she would share them with daddy and I, other times I became a peeping-mom around corners. Once classes started, she found her own groove. She didn’t know any of the other girls in class, but it didn’t matter. Her focus on the instructor and routine were impressive each week for 17 weeks.  When it came time to commit to the recital, I still wasn’t quite sure she’d make it to the stage, but we went through with it and hoped for the best.

Well, the best case scenario is exactly what happened.  She performed with very little anxiety, she stayed focused and had a great time.  When I asked her if she wanted to continue dance in the fall, she didn’t hesitate to say “yes!”  I’m glad she has found an outlet for her talents – even if it does come with a little more sass than this mama cares to witness sometimes.

We were unable to get photos or video during the recital, but here are some of T’s photos during the rehearsal.  The Ballet dance was to Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”, and the Tap dance was to The Go-Go’s “We’ve Got the Beat”.

_DSC4224 _DSC4236 _DSC4276

_DSC4354 _DSC4299 _DSC4300 _DSC4353 _DSC4349 _DSC4380 _DSC4311 _DSC4344

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A Tea Party

This year, we rang in the big ‘5’ with girlfriends and a spot of tea at a local English tea room. The room was full of many flowers and frills and the girls were in heaven. I will admit I was a little nervous with six girls and 12 hands, arms and elbows around that many porcelain china cups and saucers, but not a one was broken or spilled.  Lemonade, hot cocoa, finger sandwiches, cookies and fruit were enjoyed amongst preschool chit-chat, laughter, boas and hats. Most importantly, the girls endured over an hour of dining and were complimented by the owner on how well behaved each of them were. It left us moms feeling quite proud – and a little more relaxed in the end.  It was a low-key party that allowed the venue and 5-year-old camaraderie to provide the entertainment.


The invitation



Each girl received a boa, hat and tea cup/saucer to take home.



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A Playhouse

Last week we celebrated our little girl’s 4th birthday.  There was a birthday party with many friends at the park, Grandpa and Grandma’s traditional birthday visit and, of course, the late night building, painting and finishing touches on her gift – a cedar playhouse.  We had our eyes on this house since it made its debut at Costco before the holidays.  With her love of playing “family”, “restaurant” and general pretend, we knew she was the perfect age (and kid) for it.  I’m thankful to have a handy husband who loves to build and can easily envision the final results because he certainly put his personal touch on it.  Here’s a photo of the actual playhouse from the company website…

$_35…and here’s our house (model included)…


Birthday morning surprise


Added the flower boxes


Serving window side – replaced the chalkboard with a hanging plant


A silly welcome


Inside – just need to add chairs and a rug


A happy homeowner

With pretend food, a shopping cart and mom to check her out at the grocery store, this house has already provided hours of entertainment for this little one.  She’s in it every day.  And with the hot weather now here, T even installed an “indoor” light so she can play in it in the cooler evening hours.  Well worth the time and money to make it our own and keep the play outside.



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Happy Valentine’s Day

Poor D has been sick most of this week, fighting a terrible cold and cough and, ultimately, missing her classroom Valentine’s party.  However, we weren’t about to allow the party to go on completely without us.  We still made our special Valentines and dropped them off so her friends could receive a little D love.  My mom sent me this idea and I thought it was so cute.  I also liked that it didn’t involve candy.  Everyone can use a cute pencil, right?!  I found this template over at Bits of Everything  and printed it on construction paper.  Easy and something a little different – everything a working mama can love.


This year, instead of a count down chain, we made and decorated 14 paper hearts and hung them up garland style (see our Thanksgiving garland).  Last night, I took all the removed hearts and decorated D’s door so she would see them when she woke up in the morning.  Through blurry eyes and a running nose, she smiled – my Valentine’s Day is complete.


Enjoy your day of love!

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A Preschooler’s Outlook Calendar

_DSC1050It’s not about the destination, but the journey along the way…  The ways in which this statement applies are endless.  This year, our Thanksgiving countdown chain demonstrates this notion in its most simplified form.  As we countdown to Turkey Day, we don’t want to lose sight of the noteworthy events between now and then.  Hence, we’ve “tagged” the links that have a special mention, such as a cousin’s birthday, mama’s birthday- ahem, and impending visitors.  My daughter, for one, likes to know what’s coming up, and when, so she can plan and share her excitement with others.  This was an easy solution.  Now, if only she can access this chain on a mobile device.

Enjoy the journey this season!

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Welcome to Three



Motorcycle DetailsDelaney's 3rd Birthday

Today, our beautiful girl turns three.  One part of me asks how that happened, the other part of me asks “are you sure she’s not 10?”  D has grown so much over this past year…

Using the bathroom on her own; dressing herself (for the most part); keeping us all safe (“two hands on the wheel!”); learning numbers in Spanish and French; practicing her sign language; working on her socialization skills; getting more creative in her play (she loves it when I bring bunny and doggie to life); learning independence and resiliency; singing – all…the…time; taking new risks (climbing rock walls, walking sidewalk ledges, swinging higher and higher); challenging herself with new games (puzzles and memory are the current favorites); gaining a sense of time (most everything that happened before today was “yesterday” or “last night”); exploring – the outdoors, new words (“that’s beautiful”), new books, new foods (salsa is “not too spicy”); testing – boundaries, mama & daddy’s patience, her volume level…growing into a caring young girl who has us amazed, laughing, and learning each and every day.

Happy Birthday to our Big Girl!

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