Five Senses Monday

It’s been a few weeks since my last Five Senses Monday, so I thought I’d kick off the week with a little reflection of the past few days.  I’d like to call this the “Welcome Summer Edition” because, for better or worse, it has arrived…

Hearing. The continuous humming of air conditioners, day and night.

Seeing. A mommy mourning dove sitting in her nest with her newly hatched nestlings. Our side yard fence has an overhanging tree from the neighboring yard that provides a perfect little oasis for nesting doves. It’s fun to watch for eggs and babies over the course of a month.


Photo by T

Feeling. Hot. We’ve had a great introduction to summer this year with below average temperatures and some unusual rain fall for June. However, the mercury is rising well beyond my level of comfort now and I’m reminded again of why I need to be a snowbird.

Tasting. Iced tea. Lots of iced tea.

Smelling. Heat. Yes, there’s a smell of early summer in Arizona and it’s heat mixed with a little dust.  I certainly wouldn’t make a candle out of it or bottle it up because, well, it stinks.  June is right between spring blooms and summer monsoons, two of my favorite smells, so right now, it just stinks.

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