A Tea Party

This year, we rang in the big ‘5’ with girlfriends and a spot of tea at a local English tea room. The room was full of many flowers and frills and the girls were in heaven. I will admit I was a little nervous with six girls and 12 hands, arms and elbows around that many porcelain china cups and saucers, but not a one was broken or spilled.  Lemonade, hot cocoa, finger sandwiches, cookies and fruit were enjoyed amongst preschool chit-chat, laughter, boas and hats. Most importantly, the girls endured over an hour of dining and were complimented by the owner on how well behaved each of them were. It left us moms feeling quite proud – and a little more relaxed in the end.  It was a low-key party that allowed the venue and 5-year-old camaraderie to provide the entertainment.


The invitation



Each girl received a boa, hat and tea cup/saucer to take home.




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3 responses to “A Tea Party

  1. Gail Williams

    How absolutely delightful! Wish I had been there as it is my kind of ‘thing’! An unusual treat for D and friends to remember. Date: Tue, 26 May 2015 02:00:02 +0000 To: gigi4designs@hotmail.com

  2. Carole Brannam

    How absolutely charming. Wonderful pictures. Aunt Carole

  3. Grandma C

    It was a fun day indeed! We are so glad that we could be a part of the celebration!

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