Five Senses Monday

On Saturday, we took a day trip to Sedona.  Here’s how one day in this beautiful place filled my senses.

Hearing. The sweet sounds of an acoustic guitar while lounging out on the patio at The Enchantment Resort.

photo 3

Tasting. A glass of red wine sangria while lounging on the said patio and listening to the said musician.

Seeing. A 360 degree view of these red beauties while watching a mix of sun and developing storm clouds create a stunning light dance on them.  A great backdrop for a little game of croquet.

photo 1

Smelling. Fresh air and a newly built fire as the sun goes down along with the warm day’s temperatures.

Feeling. Privileged to have such beauty close to home. It makes those day trips easily obtainable when the need to get out of town seems so great.

photo 4

Please feel free to join in.  You can also visit No Apathy Allowed for Five Senses Friday.



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2 responses to “Five Senses Monday

  1. Wow, looks beautiful! How wonderful to have such gorgeous surroundings!

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