Five Senses Monday

I use Five Senses Monday as a way to reflect on the past few days. Feel free to join in if you’d like and leave a link in the comments. You can also visit my friend, Mandi, who posts on Fridays.  


Seeing. My all-star husband in his lead role of lunch production artist.  It’s his Sunday evening ritual that makes our weekday mornings a breeze, and this mama happy to see a fridge stocked with healthy lunches.  If you’re looking for tasty, healthy meal ideas that are geared toward the whole food diet, check out Marla Meridith’s post where she provides ideas for adults and kids alike.

Hearing. While trying out a new lunch spot over the weekend, this song came on and I was transported back to the many road trips T and I have taken together over the past 12 years.  Talking Heads is in our iTunes library and well played – from up and down the west coast, to the Four Corners and in between.

Tasting. At O.H.S.O., I tried their veggie burger made with black beans and kale and loaded with guacamole and pico de gallo – absolutely delicious!

Smelling. Homemade ginger chews brewing on the stove.  Stay tuned for photos and recipe for this little treat.

Feeling. The beginning of warm weather in the air. Not warm enough for the air conditioning yet, but enough to bring the summer dresses out of storage.


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  1. Rebecca Williams

    The owner/manager (Jon Lane) of OHSO is a former jr high schoolmate of mine.

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