An Egg-ceptional Arrangement

Years ago, when we were newly engaged and living in our condo, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to make our very own Easter egg tree – similar to the one I had growing up.  I bought ribbons, hot glue and paints and made a day of it at our kitchen table.  Some were hand-painted, some were just dyed and decorated with ribbon.  I thought they turned out lovely and I felt quite proud of displaying this little tradition in my very own home.  They decorated our dining room table during the Easter season for the next couple years, then…mysteriously, the eggs disappeared.  I have no idea where they went, if they got tossed in the move to our house, or if they are tucked away in the abyss known as our attic.  Given the time and energy it took to complete those eggs, I tried other, less taxing ideas like the yarn eggs a couple years ago, but nothing came close to replacing those originals.

Now, with a creative 4.5 year old in tow, I thought this year might just be the year to reinvent this project.  I mean, the only thing better than the original is the original with an added preschool pizzazz.

_DSC3820Breaking out the original paints (just added water to “freshen” them up a bit), the hot glue gun, ribbons, coloring kit and flower stick-ons courtesy of Gigi’s Christmas craft box, we were ready to get to work.


STEP 1: I poked and blew out the eggs, drying them off thoroughly with a paper towel.
STEP 2:  D helped dye the eggs with the egg dying kit bought at the grocery.
STEP 3: Once dried, we hand painted the eggs (given their fragility, not one was broken in the process – amazing!).
STEP 4: Once dried, we picked out the flowers and ribbon to be glued on each one; I handled all the gluing (for obvious reasons) and ribbon selection.



We made quite a team and I loved seeing the excitement on her face when she got to hang the eggs on the tree – a look of well-deserved pride, most certainly.  And I love having this display back again in our home.



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4 responses to “An Egg-ceptional Arrangement

  1. Grandma C

    They turned out great. It looks like you had fun making them and making memories at the same time. Good job mom!

  2. Lovely. Easter egg trees are definitely a tradition here in Germany — indoors as well as outdoors!

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