A Wonder Indeed

This past weekend we took a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  It is a great time of year to visit – weather was beautiful, low crowds and free entry into the park over President’s Day weekend (find out here when the fee free days are scheduled this year).  It was D’s first trip and certainly won’t be the last.  She, too, can appreciate the beauty of this world wonder.


_DSC3740 _DSC3734 _DSC3764 _DSC3739 _DSC3696 _DSC3735 _DSC3765 _DSC3789 _DSC3702 _DSC3724 _DSC3731



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11 responses to “A Wonder Indeed

  1. Grandma C

    What a beautiful day. Wonderful pictures! Love the one with the “3” of you! I am so glad you got to make some memories.

  2. Still on my list of places to visit some day. Beautiful photographs!

  3. Carole Brannam

    The Grand Canyon is indeed an incredible experience. Your pictures are beautiful. Steve has taken gorgeous pictures there also; I’ll share yours with him. So glad you are exposing young Miss D. to the wonders of the world. Love, Aunt Carole

    • Thanks Aunt Carole. Yes, D kept commenting on “the beautiful sky and colors”. We’re hoping by exposing her early on she’ll have a natural appreciation for the outdoors throughout life. So far it seems to be working. 🙂

  4. Great photos. Nice photo of the three of you…I could never stand so close to the edge. 🙂

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