A Stand Up Revolution

I work a 40 hour work week that consists mostly of sitting at a desk.  When I start on certain projects that require focus, I can sit for hours without even realizing my bottom and legs – not to mention my back – have been crying out for a little break.  It’s usually not until I hit a stopping point that I feel the stiff soreness throughout my body.

I’ve read many articles on the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle – you can find a whole host of great articles here – and while I’m far from sedentary at home, I knew I also needed to change the way I work.  Thankfully, I have a boss who values health and well-being, so I presented to her a simple, inexpensive solution to get me up off my chair – the Varidesk! After two weeks of continuous use, I am in LOVE with this desk.  There are days I sit only for 40 mins tops (in an 8 hour work day) and there are days I sit longer (darn boots!), but now I can sit and *mostly* stand at my leisure.



These desks require absolutely no assembly – you just pull it out of the box, set it on your existing desk and, voila, you’re in business.  I have the Single model now and could use a little extra space on the side for paperwork, so I’m giving mine to another co-worker and upgrading to the Pro Plus.

Here are the results have I recorded over the past two weeks of using this desk:

  • More energy. After standing throughout the day, I still have plenty of energy to go for a walk after work.
  • Weight loss. They say you burn more calories standing – duh – I’ve lost 2.5 lbs in two weeks.
  • Shoulder and back stiffness is gone.  My legs got a little stiff at the beginning, but I use my standing time to also do minor stretches, calf raises and squats – one less thing to do when I get home.

I joke that I should be paid commission from Varidesk now because in the two weeks I’ve had mine, I’ve ordered 10 more for fellow co-workers in various departments.  It’s great to see people standing up for their health (pun intended) and making a change.  Join us!

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  1. grandma C

    It looks very interesting. I am glad it is working out for you.

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