The Gift of Juicing

For my birthday a few months ago, my husband bought me the juicer I’ve had my eye on for a while. My interest in juicing started when one of the chefs at my work brought in some “green” juices for all of us to try.  They were delicious – carrying  the distinct earthly flavor of kale, spinach and celery, combined with the sweetness of apple, the fresh taste of cucumber, the bite of lemon and finally topped with the spice of ginger.  It was a healthy afternoon “snack” that left me seeing more regular juicing in my future.  Of course, in my mind’s eye I saw a fridge full of healthy greens and fruits and mornings slurping down healthy concoctions instead of my regular caffeinated beverages.  In reality, I’m getting there…slowly.  In reality, it takes A LOT of fruits and veggies to make a 16 oz juice.  In reality, sometimes I just prefer a warm, caffeinated cup of chai tea to welcome a cold winter morning.  But, in reality, I love my juicer and I love experimenting with different flavors I would have never thought to combine otherwise.

To accompany my new appliance, I bought The Juicing Bible which contains everything from juicing recipes, to herbal and tea remedies.  It’s not only a great recipe book, it’s a great introduction to nutrition and overall well-being.  Two of my favorite recipes so far are the Green Drink (as noted above) and the Orange Zinger:


GREEN DRINK (earthy in flavor)

5-6 full leaves of kale (stems completely removed as this juicer does not do well with tough stems)
Handful of spinach
2 apples (I like gala or fuji)
2 celery stalks
1 cucumber
1 lemon (rind removed)
1 inch piece of fresh ginger (unpeeled)

ORANGE ZINER (sweet in flavor)

2 oranges (rind removed)
3 large carrots (unpeeled)
1 apple
1 inch piece of fresh ginger (unpeeled)



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2 responses to “The Gift of Juicing

  1. Carole Brannam

    Traci – Last week while perusing Netflix I saw a documentary called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” which included this very recipe! The maker, Joe Cross, turned his health around by “juicing” and encouraged many others. You may want to check it out for fun and because I think that is the source of what you’ve found. Let me know how it goes. Love, Aunt Carole

    • Thanks for the info Aunt Carole, I’ll have to check out that documentary. I know a lot of people who do the juice detox or cleanse, which is something to consider, but I’d rather just eat organic whole fruits and veggies. We’ll see as I do more reading on the topic.

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