Desert Snow

Snow is almost an oxymoron here in the desert, but on those rare days when the temperatures and precipitation align just right to do that wonderful snow dance, it’s absolutely beautiful.  To wake up to our surrounding mountains and prickly cacti dusted in snow on New Year’s Day, it certainly required a little exploration with the camera.  I’d also add the snow here is the perfect mix of fluffy, compact, dry and, dare I say, edible??  Snow cone machines have nothing on this natural mixture.


Spur Cross Ranch


Spur Cross Ranch


Spur Cross Ranch


Desert Mountain – The Ranch


Desert Mountain – Chiricahua Golf Course

_DSC3376 _DSC3403 _DSC3445


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3 responses to “Desert Snow

  1. Carole Brannam

    Traci and Tyson – Thank you for the gorgeous pictures of snow in AZ. Delaney is adorable with a face full of snow. Aunt Carole

  2. Grandma C

    The pictures turned out great. Thanks for sharing! “D” can wear any shape hat and look adorable.

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