2nd Annual Pumpkin Patch Train

After another enjoyable train ride to the pumpkin patch, this fall excursion is making its way up the tradition list.  Only two hours from home, it makes for a nice day trip with a stop in Flagstaff for dinner before heading home.

D has grown up quite a bit from last year’s visit.  I found a couple photos to showcase just how much she’s grown over the last year.  Her excitement was no less abundant, however.




Still loves Smokey the Bear  


2013 – First ride on a steam engine


2014 – Watching the pines go by


A laugh with Daddy


Getting ready to leave the depot


Relaxed in anticipation


With Mommy at the patch



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6 responses to “2nd Annual Pumpkin Patch Train

  1. Carole Brannam

    Loved the contrasting pictures between last year and this year. She has really changed, hasn’t she. Enjoy fall – my favorite season. Aunt Carole

  2. Gigi

    Now I’m really sad! D is growing up far to fast for me, but it has become a terrific family tradition and memory. Next year, she will be on Smokey’s arm.

    • Gigi, yes she seems to have swallowed some growing pills – she’s 85 percentile in height, and it makes her look so much older than she is. Tyson thinks the photo of her with the Williams sign resembles one of your senior photos – ring any bells?

  3. grandma c

    I am so glad that you are parents that take time out of your busy schedule to have fun and make memories. Great pictures! It is so hard to be far away and watching her growing so fast.

  4. grandma c

    I am so glad that you take time out of your busy lives to make memories with D. She is changing so much. Great pictures!

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