A Big Girl Bed

When we were kids, my sister and I would go off to church camp every summer for one week.  While we were making memories, my parents would pick a year to transition our rooms to “big girl” rooms.  Since my sister and I are five years apart, they happened at different times, and we didn’t know when it would happen.  We would just pick out the colors and bedspread at some point and they would do the rest.  What a great feeling to come home to – a new little space of our own.

That’s what happened yesterday for my daughter.  D and I went for a week to visit my parents in Washington (photos to come) and when we came home, her little space was transformed into a little girls room.  Thanks to my amazing husband and daddy, she got a new bed AND a pink room.


The bed was handcrafted by T.  We knew about it and knew what it was going to look like, but he spent the entire week finishing it, painting it and installing it.  I have to say, it is one strong and durable bed.  He added a rack below to hold baskets that were previously taking up precious floor space.  I’m still amazed at how he can picture something in his head, draft the measurements and build it – especially something he’s never built before.  It turned out great, D loves it and it will remain a special piece of furniture for her.  Here are photos of the progress (into the wee hours of the night) and the finished product – sleeping girl and all…










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2 responses to “A Big Girl Bed

  1. grandma c

    What fun is that! The room and bed are GREAT!!!!

  2. What a great surprise for Miss D, and Daddy Tyson is a talented genius. You both are so lucky.
    I was so glad to meet Delaney in person at last and see you and Tina and family on Thursday. I realized after we left that I didn’t get a single picture of any of you. Please send me copies of yours.
    Love, Aunt Carole

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