Our summer visit to CA

This year marked our 4th annual 4th of July visit to B & G’s (aka Papa and Gigi).  I’m not really sure how this trip became a tradition, but it’s something we have looked forward to every year (even if it isn’t our only CA trip of the year).  There are always the simple, “traditional” things we do each time – pool, beaches, parks, walk to Mag’s Donuts, clam chowder at Sabatino’s, Farmer’s Market, fireworks show from the balcony… And then we always add something new to the trip – keep things lively.  This year we visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  It was D’s first visit to an aquarium and she quickly discovered her favorite animals – sting rays and sea otters.  I, personally, would second the sea otters and add jelly fish to the top of my list – especially the jellies that have lights.  Nature sure is amazing and I’m convinced that tropical fish were designed by Crayola.

Besides the aquarium, this trip’s highlights were celebrating B & G’s 50th wedding anniversary, a little early, with a nice dinner at Gulfstream in Newport Beach; watching D’s confidence in swimming grow stronger each day in the pool; watching the strong surf at the Wedge and playing in the sand, seaweed and tidal pools in Little Corona.  So fun!

Here are some highlight photos from the trip:


Jumping in is the best part


She swam the entire length of the pool with her trusty kick board


Laughing at the seagulls running in the waves


Building sand castles at the Wedge


Watching a penguin swim from below


Admiring the color palettes with Gigi in the Tropical exhibit


With Papa and the Penguins


Getting a close up view of the sting rays


Family photo at Newport Beach Civic Center



Celebrating B & G’s 50th Anniversary


Someone loves her Papa


Somehow, chores are more fun on vacation




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4 responses to “Our summer visit to CA

  1. grandma C

    Wonderful pictures!!!! There is nothing like Family, Fun, and making wonderful memories!

  2. Thank you for sharing your July 4th tradition +. Great pictures and such fun to see D change over the months. And living vicariously through you young-uns! Love, Aunt Carole

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