A Playhouse

Last week we celebrated our little girl’s 4th birthday.  There was a birthday party with many friends at the park, Grandpa and Grandma’s traditional birthday visit and, of course, the late night building, painting and finishing touches on her gift – a cedar playhouse.  We had our eyes on this house since it made its debut at Costco before the holidays.  With her love of playing “family”, “restaurant” and general pretend, we knew she was the perfect age (and kid) for it.  I’m thankful to have a handy husband who loves to build and can easily envision the final results because he certainly put his personal touch on it.  Here’s a photo of the actual playhouse from the company website…

$_35…and here’s our house (model included)…


Birthday morning surprise


Added the flower boxes


Serving window side – replaced the chalkboard with a hanging plant


A silly welcome


Inside – just need to add chairs and a rug


A happy homeowner

With pretend food, a shopping cart and mom to check her out at the grocery store, this house has already provided hours of entertainment for this little one.  She’s in it every day.  And with the hot weather now here, T even installed an “indoor” light so she can play in it in the cooler evening hours.  Well worth the time and money to make it our own and keep the play outside.




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7 responses to “A Playhouse

  1. Carole Brannam

    I’ll bet she is just thrilled beyond describing! What a perfect present and bravo Tyson and Traci for the creative and beautiful additions. I’m in awe. These pictures are wonderful. Love to you all, Aunt Carole

  2. grandma c

    I love the window boxes! Great idea with the light for night playing. I am so glad that she still loves playing in it.

  3. Nana

    So adorable. We just bought this for our granddaughter. Yours is so sweet painted. What kind of paint did you use for cedar? Appreciate your help.

    • Hello! Thank you for visiting and commenting. We used left over house paint so it holds up outdoors and washes off well (Dunn Edwards). After a year, it’s still doing well, even after a hot, humid summer and monsoon rains. I highly recommend painting it if you live somewhere with extreme weather. We painted it inside as well. Your granddaughter will love it. It’s a hit with friends!

  4. Cindy

    Love the playhouse! I just purchased one for my daughter’s 4th birthday. How big was the platform that you built for the floor? Did you paint in before it was assembled or after? You said it was Dunn Edwards paint. Do you know what colors you used?


    • Hi Cindy, thank you for your message. The platform is about 5’x6′. It is made with redwood and stained with an outdoor stain. My husband painted all the pieces first (inside and out) before assembling it. He did a few retouches once it was fully assembled. We did use Dunn Edwards but, unfortunately, we don’t remember the name of the paint colors. The main paint is a light tan color and the door is a burnt red. Both are outdoor low sheen paints. I hope this helps. Your daughter will love her house – it gives us plenty of entertainment even a year later!

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