True Food’s “The Natural” Ginger Soda


True Food Kitchen Website

One of my favorite places to eat here in the Phoenix area is True Food Kitchen.  They embody my three favorite things in a restaurant – healthy, delicious and relaxing.  Sitting out on the wrap-around porch, sipping “The Natural” and enjoying light fare puts me in a perpetual summer mood, whether it’s August or February.  You know, that feeling of being on vacation with only thoughts of “I have no place to be, I may as well stay here and have another”.


True Food Kitchen Website

Well, you can only imagine my excitement when I found I could bring a little piece of that bliss home with me.  No, not the wrap-around porch, although that would be my preference.  I’m referring to their delicious ginger soda drink called “The Natural”.  It’s refreshing, yummy and easy to make.  I found the recipe on the Phoenix New Times website after a quick Google search and I was very pleased with the outcome.  I make it one glass at a time instead of by the pitcher since the Club Soda will lose its fizz quickly – just a word of caution.  If you like ginger, this drink is for you!


½ cup Agave Nectar
1 (3-inch) piece fresh ginger, peeled and finally chopped
1 cup Sparkling Water

Ginger Soda (pitcher)
½ Cup Ginger Syrup
3 Cups Sparkling Water
Ice Cubs


1. To make the syrup first peel the ginger
2. Next grate the ginger on a cheese grater
3. Measure out the Agave nectar (1/2 cup)
4. Measure out the Sparkling Water (1 cup)​
5. Place the agave nectar, ginger, and sparkling water in a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to simmer, cover and cook until your house fills with a strong smell of ginger, about 1 hour. Let cool. ​
6. NOTE: you can refrigerate this mixture for up to 1 week​
7. To make the soda: By the pitcher, combine ½ cup syrup with the soda water. By the glass, combine 2 teaspoons of the syrup with soda water​
8. Pour over ice and serve cold


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  1. Oh I do like ginger so thank you for sharing the recipe…it sounds like a perfect summer refresher.

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