Lessons from D

Lessons.  New lessons, old lessons, lessons that bear repeating.  Lessons that come from my nearly 4 year old daughter.  I think these are the lessons I love the most.  Those that come without judgment or purpose; those that come from just living and observing.  Just this past week alone, I’ve put into practice two lessons that I learned from watching my daughter:

D running in grass

Take off your shoes and run barefoot through the grass.
We are lucky (and invested) desert-dwellers who have nice soft grass in our backyard.  D has repeatedly walked through the door after school this week, taken off her shoes and socks and run free-willing around the yard yelling, “wahoo!”  The other day she said, “mommy, take off your shoes and run in the backyard with me.”  How can I pass that up after a day inside in heels?  What a simple, yet relaxing way to start off the evening!  We ran around for about 5 minutes waving our arms and being goofy.  It was the best 5 minutes of my day.

Look forward to the simple things.
D is a child who likes to know what to expect.  In the morning during breakfast, we usually talk about what we’re going to do after school.  I’m always so delighted to see her excitement when I pick her up and she asks, “can we go to the park now?” or “are we going to the library?”, after having been to both a zillion times.  Last night, T and D had a rare night at home without mama and it was planned that they would go to McDonald’s for dinner.  The minute she walked in the door at school, she told all her teachers and friends about her plans and how excited she was to have chicken nuggets (it’s a rare treat, indeed).  She had a great day filled with anticipation.  I loved that about being a child – getting excited over the little things.  My little thing now?  I get to come home and spend time in my child’s world for a while.  A world that’s simple and very present.

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