A Trip to the Mall

DSC01570Remember the Chore Chart we created back in September?  Well, I’m proud to say that household chores have become a regular routine now for one 3.5 year old.  Tahoe’s food bowl is overflowing most of the time, and the table gets set with utensils and napkins on a regular basis – ok, sometimes I have to ask twice, but it gets done.

Let me reiterate how great the Chore Chart is when you’re introducing household responsibilities to your children.  We used it for a few weeks and it quickly became routine.  The stickers were the initial motivator, followed by the allowance at the end of the week and, ultimately, the trip to buy a gift with our savings.

We had been to the Disney Store a couple times to check out the inventory so D could understand how much she needed to save for her favorite item.  When we saved up $12.00, we went back and she darted right for the princess dolls and chose Belle – her yellow dress is beautiful, after all.  With our bag of money, we picked a patient cashier to count out all the quarters so D could see and understand her money being spent.  And, with change still in our pocket and Belle clenched tight to our chest, we left the store very proud of our accomplishments.

That night, D and Rapunzel introduced Belle to all her stuffy friends and Belle had a birthday party.  She’s been the constant companion of the week


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  1. grandmac

    What a great idea! They appreciate it more when they purchase with their own money. What a doll! (I am speaking of both of them)

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