What season is it again?


While a lot of the country is experiencing record setting snow storms, power outages and closed airports, we here in the Valley of the Sun are experiencing record warmth.  Now, before you take my words as gloating, I will add that we could really use some rain, and although I prefer my shorts and flip flops to sweaters and coats, a little cold spell here and there gives me a sense of the true season which is short in these parts.

Right now, this week, the season is spring.  Therefore, last weekend we did what we love to do in the spring – play outdoors.  A nice morning walk to the coffee shop for breakfast, followed by a family bike ride around the neighborhood, ending with an evening around the fire in the backyard.  D brought out her books and a flashlight to read at the fire.  She even chose two outdoor-themed books for the occasion – Going on a Lion Hunt and Just Me and My Dad Little Critter.

This weekend is showing to be another warm one.  Good thing the bike tires are pumped and ready to go.  What’s the weather like where you are and how are you rolling with the season?

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