Music to our ears

_DSC1762We enjoy music in this house.  If we’re not listening to music then we’re making our own.  Ok, most of the time we make our own; singing about ordinary, every day things. Yesterday morning at the breakfast table, D and I made up a song about various animals…I fly so high, I’m like a birdie, I’m like a birdie in the sky; I climb a tree, I’m like a monkey, I’m like a monkey in a tree…if you will.  Add some interpretive dancing and it was quite an entertaining breakfast.


I find music to be very helpful in raising a child.  It can soothe a crying baby, entertain a restless toddler, get a preschooler to listen, calm a mama’s nerves and create family bonding moments. This weekend, D’s basket of instruments came out for some off-key music fun.  Guitar, recorder, triangle, sleigh bells, maracas and a drum were back up to mama’s vocals.  A tutu was donned for dancing, and laughter ensued.  They say laughter is the best medicine, and while I’m not one to disagree, I will add music to that list.



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  1. Grandma C

    Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

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