What’s Missing?


D has an abundance of bath toys – mostly the rubber kind that squeak or spit water.  During the lazy bath nights, we like to play a game we call “What’s Missing?”.  When we first played this game, she was two so I kept the number of toys to a minimum (around 5).  Now that she’s 3 1/2, we bring them all out (about 12).


First, we gather all the toys at one end of the tub so she can take a quick visual inventory of what is in play.  Then, with eyes closed tight, I take one away and she has to guess who left the scene.  She’s really quite good at it and, with focus, can guess them all.  Some are easy…Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, etc.; some are a bit harder…polka dot ducky or Hawaiian ducky.  She has to be specific.  Once they are guessed correctly, I put the toy on the edge of the tub so she can see them.  This game really helps with memory and the process of elimination, and it helps shake up the bath time routine.



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  1. Grandma C

    Very cleaver and fun. I would be terrible at that game.

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