Thank You Card Art


Between school and home, we have a lot of artwork using everything from crayons to foil to sea salt and paint.  Some masterpieces go on the wall display in her room, some get tossed (yes, it’s true) and some get recycled in the form of thank you cards.


Writing thank you cards seems to be a practice of the past or, at least, saved for special occasions, like weddings and babies.  Even I was not one to write them for birthdays and Christmas, but I married into a family that takes this gesture seriously, thus, it is one we are now modeling for our daughter.  With all the artwork, what better way to say ‘thank you’ than by sharing the growing talents of one’s granddaughter/niece/cousin/friend?  At the same time, she’s learning to appreciate the thoughtful gestures made to her by those who love her.


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  1. Grandma c

    Great idea and it makes it even more special because she did it.

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