Reflecting on a Week


Today not only marks a new year, it also marks the end of my 8-day stay-at-home-mom-cation.  It was a wonderful break with my daughter where we spent our days at three parks, two libraries, a coffee shop, a couple restaurants, the mall, our backyard, our home…swinging, sliding, reading, walking, riding bikes, feeding ducks, make-believing, “camping”, watching movies, laughing, eating and “hanging out with mommy and daddy“.  Every day, I laughed at things she said, asking her questions just to hear her response.  I can have a decent conversation with her now.  Sure, it still involves some repeating; sometimes a “we don’t say that” or “ok, I heard you the first time“, but she is definitely a favorite date, apart from her dad, of course.  This time also allowed me to catch up on her growing changes.  While I feel I’m a hands on parent, working full time limits my hands on moments and sometimes I just miss the little quirky things – those smirks, those sighs, those made up stories when she thinks no one is listening, those heartfelt conversations with her animal friends that mirror our recent discussions.  It was a memorable week and the best Christmas present this mom could ask for.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Grandma c

    making memories with the ones you love is what it is all about.

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