Play Tent

_DSC1576This cottage play tent was a birthday gift from grandma and grandpa this year.  Given its size and the size of our actual house, it has made an appearance a few times, but has really been the center of attention the past couple days during this holiday week.  Yesterday, all three of us used its shelter from the pretend rain while we ate a snack and huddled together to keep warm.  Then, it provided a “snuggly, cozy” tent over the bed for nap time and again last night.  This morning, it made its way back to the floor for early morning story time and breakfast.  Add a fluffy blanket to the floor, a pillow, a friend and a book and it’s time for another nap – camping style.



I have a feeling this house within a house may become a permanent fixture in her room, at least while it can still be pulled over her bed.  Do I dare add Christmas lights to it?  ‘Tis the season!


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  1. grandma C

    Pretending is so much fun! I am so glad that she enjoying her house. What a great idea putting it over her bed.

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