Graham Cracker Christmas House


_DSC1557D is now at an age when making a ginger bread house sounds like fun.  However, I took advice from mom’s who have already been down that long, arduous road and decided to use graham crackers instead of making my own gingerbread or using a pre-made kit.  I found a Royal Icing recipe that acts as the perfect sugary glue, too (see recipe below).  The finished product shows…

1.  An obvious first attempt at building a graham cracker house…ever.  It’s more like a bird house as I didn’t cut the sides down far enough, hence the lovely gap between the roof and sides.
2.  A 3-year-old’s personal touch.
3.  A mommy’s attempt at spreading the candy strategically.
4.  A daddy’s attempt at making it tasty to eat; notice, if you will, the side loaded with icing and M&Ms – yep.


We’ll keep practicing as it was a fun and tasty process, (well, except when I broke the first two sides, ahem) and we’re bound to be better next year.

3 large egg whites
4-3/4 cups of powdered sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tartar

Beat eggs and cream of tartar with a mixer at medium speed.  Add sugar in small amounts, mixing well on high after each addition. Beat on high for 4-5 mins or until it thickens.  Refrigerate and cover until ready to use.

Sites I referenced for this project:
Caked Alaska
By Stephanie Lynn
Kelly Moore

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