How lovely are your branches


In our home, the Christmas tree is the focal point of the season.  It’s simply decorated with white lights and many ornaments that are handmade or purchased from our travels.  We buy real trees so each year the height and girth vary, but the memories are always the same.

This year, with the help of my crafty mother-in-law, we spread the cheer of the lovely smelling pine to other decorations around the house.

A spray on the front door…



Centerpieces on the dining table – mason jars filled with water, pine and real cranberries, and topped with a votive candle…



Simple, frugal decorations, using the tree’s trimmings and items around the house.  Ribbon and mason jars are staple items around here because of their versatility.  What do you like to do with your trimmings?



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2 responses to “How lovely are your branches

  1. grandmac

    Very nice. you could almost smell the pine through the computer.

  2. grandmac

    Your tree is beautiful. I love the swag on the front door. The bow is gorgeous. I have jars very similar to your without the water and pine. I am going to try that.

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