Halloween Week, Part 1

We typically don’t decorate the outside of our house for Halloween.  I used to have a homemade fall wreath that once poked someone’s eye and has since been deemed dangerous.  One year I thought hay barrels would be cute on the porch but they were sprayed down with water so as not to be a fire hazard.  We also live in the desert and if pumpkins stay out too long, our neighborhood javelina families enjoy them for dinner.

My daughter loves to walk the neighborhood to look at the Halloween decorations and I felt a little parent guilt coming back home to our blank canvas, despite the decorations we have inside.  So, in hopes of preventing any eye injuries or fire hazards, and making a little girl happy, we welcomed our Friendly Ghost this year.  Made with a tomato plant cage, a white sheet and black spray paint, he greets our guests by day and night.


DSC01525And, of course, we have our family of pumpkins that are currently in the backyard and will make their appearance in the front on Halloween night.  After that, our javelinas are welcome to them!





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4 responses to “Halloween Week, Part 1

  1. Carole Brannam

    Traci – I never stop being amazed by your creativity! Miss D will benefit so much from you and Tyson’s parenting.

    Love, Aunt Carole

  2. GrandmaC

    How cute is your ghost! You did a great job! Now you need a few more to make a family.

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