Birdhouse Nightlight

We were in Pottery Barn Kids the other day and saw this adorable birdhouse lamp.  Of course, in true PB idea-stealing fashion, our wheels began turning.  First off, we needed a new nightlight for D’s room.  We had a great little doggie that shined stars on the walls and ceiling but it ate up table space and went through batteries like there was no tomorrow.  So as to not have another scenario of changing batteries at 2am so one will go back to sleep, we wanted something plug-in.  We loved the birdhouse light, but we couldn’t swallow the cost and, again, have something taking up precious table space.  Tyson was excited for a new little project, especially one that involves lighting (have I mentioned most of our indoor and outdoor lights are on timers?).

After a trip to Lowe’s, he came home with this nice cedar birdhouse.


After a couple holes were added to the back and bottom, white paint applied and the nightlight inserted, it was ready to be mounted.  We decided to mount it in the corner of her room so the light would reflect a bit more.  Add a chicken and, of course, a timer and a new nightlight is born.  Thanks for the idea, PB!




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  1. GrandmaC

    How cute is that! Way to go “T”!

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