Then and Now

Work Desk

Work Desk

There’s something I enjoy about certain looming projects where I know I need to hunker down and get in the zone; surrounding myself with the essentials and  mentally preparing for what lies ahead.  This odd enjoyment began in my college days (then) and continues today (now).  As a matter of fact, I thought about this post as I was preparing to tackle the weekly employee newsletter at work yesterday.  I thought I would do a fun Then and Now, mostly to see how my little neurosis has evolved over the years.  Here we go…

Then What: School papers (mostly creative writing)  
Now What: Employee newsletter, event preparations
Then Writing Tool: Paper/pencil and my Word Processor
Now Writing Tool: Computer
Then Timeframe: 1-2 days before deadline; late night hours
Now Timeframe: 2-3 days before deadline; day time hours only
Then Caffeine Fix: Mountain Dew
Now Caffeine Fix: Chai Lattes or Tea
Then Music: Classical songs from soundtracks (no words)
Now Music: iPod mix, the more upbeat the better
Then Distractions: Dormmates/roommates, cute boys outside window
Now Distractions: Co-workers, phone, email, photos of my family
Then Resources: Library books, some Internet research at the library
Now Resources: Nothing but Net
Then Strategy: Put the outline together and start writing  
Now Strategy: Put the outline together and start writing/creating
Then Skills Set: Writing, some editing
Now Skills Set: Writing, editing, Publisher, Photoshop, Tetris
Then Favorite Part: The beginning; blank sheets of paper waiting for my words  
Now Favorite Part: Watching the piece come together; wondering how it all fit
Then Looking Forward: To more writing avenues (thank you blogosphere)  
Now Looking Forward: To coming up with creative ways to keep things fresh


Play a little Then and Now over in your space and share your link here.  It’s a fun exercise.




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2 responses to “Then and Now

  1. Omg, I totally remember that word processor you had! I had completely forgotten those things even existed. 🙂

    • Yes, a blast from the past, eh? When I was printing my papers, EVERYONE in the dorm knew I had a word processor. I remember waiting to print my papers during the day so I didn’t wake anyone up – ha! At least it got the job done.

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