Pumpkin Patch Train

One of my fondest memories of autumn is the annual visit to the pumpkin patch.  Over the years, I have been to many different varieties.  My favorite, of course, being the patches where you cut the pumpkins straight off their vines.  This year, the authenticity was absent, but the experience was a nice substitute.  We took a little road trip to Williams, AZ and caught the Grand Canyon Railway to a “secret” pumpkin patch that is only accessible my rail (and vehicles with proper permits).  Sure, the pumpkins were carted in the big boxes you can find at the grocery store, but the search for the perfect pumpkin was still the name of the game.  Strategically placed, the patch hosted pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes.  D found a great one with one small “boo boo”.  Rest assured, a hydrogen peroxide pad was promptly applied to it as soon as we got home.

First train ride for D, perfect weather, great memories.











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2 responses to “Pumpkin Patch Train

  1. GrandmaC

    “A Pumpkin Train”, what a great idea. Making wonderful memories and having fun. That is what it is all about.

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