Library After Dark

Last night, our local library teamed up with the Arizona Science Center for an evening of fun and learning.  Throughout the library were “centers”, as D called them, with hands-on, multi-sensory activities.  We started our exploration in the toddler area with Kool-Aid playdough – orange and grape were the favorites.  Although playdough is nothing new to her, she still got excited with her kitten cutout.  Afterwards, our hands smelled nice and fruity, too.


DSC01467Next, we moved on to learning about structural engineering.  With cans, card stock and erasers, D learned how arched bridges can better support more weight/erasers than the flat bridges.  She loved stacking the erasers higher and higher.




The foil boat experiment was, by far, the favorite.  Of course, anything involving water is bound to be awesome to this little one.  We made a boat out of one small piece of foil, placed it in the water and added pennies to it, one by one, to see how many we could get on before it sank.  The first time, we were able to load on 15 pennies.  The second time (yes, there was a second time), we distributed the weight more evenly and were able to get 31 pennies on it.  She may not have fully grasped the distribution factor, but she was quite proud of herself, nonetheless.


As a working parent, it was great to see the library do something like this in the evening for families.  I also got some fun experiment ideas to try at home.  Now, is it too much to ask for an occasional evening story time?  If nothing else, I, at least, had a chance to write it on the comment card.



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  1. GrandmaC

    Hands on is always the BEST! They learn so much more while they are having FUN!!! You can’t beat that!

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