“Stained Glass” Art

This is a great project for little ones who loves to use scissors, stickers and light.  Ok, so that’s probably most children, including mine.

Step One: Lay out a square piece of contact paper with the sticky side up.


Step Two: Have your child cut and/or tear pieces of colored tissue paper of various sizes and shapes.  

Step Three: Let the sticking begin!  Might I suggest doing this activity with children when they are in their prime concentration mode.  There may have been a handful of tissue smashed on ours at one point.  I also didn’t put the wire hoop (we used thin copper wire because that’s what we had in the house) down until she was done sticking on the tissue.  Telling a 3-year-old to stick tissue “inside the circle” is pointless.  Besides, it wasn’t really necessary.



Step Four: Lay the wire hoop down and cut a 2-inch area around it.  With the help of your child, cut slits to the wire all the way around, about 3-inches apart.  Then fold each piece around the wire to secure the paper in place.
Step Five: Voila! The “stained glass” masterpiece is ready to be shaped and re-shaped.  Place it in front of a window or put a flashlight behind it for a fun lighting effect.
This is artwork that can be used over and over, and manipulated by small hands.  It’s fun, it’s pretty, it’s cheap, it teaches motor skills, it’s not messy.  I will definitely do this again, and maybe after the nap instead of before.  

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  1. Grandma C

    Great idea!

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