Arts & Crafts Activity Tools


We love to do arts and crafts in our house.  Some days it’s just finger painting on printer painter, other days we’re shaving crayons and melting them with an iron or making cloud dough.  No matter the mood, I always like to have supplies on hand for those creative whims.  For preschool-aged children, here are some staples:


Crayons (lots for coloring and other crafts)
Washable Markers
Color Pencils (although D prefers markers and crayons)
Stamps/Ink Pads
Glue Sticks/Elmer’s Glue
Glitter Glue
Color Construction Paper
Watercolor Paper
Printer Paper
Contact Paper
Color Tissue Paper
Color Pipecleaners
Color Pom Poms
Kid’s Scissors
Watercolor Paints
Washable Paints
Paint Brushes
Glow Sticks (not necessary, but they sure are fun!)
Plastic table cloth


Paired with regular kitchen or household items (i.e. colanders, measuring spoons/cups, funnels, baking ingredients, etc.) you can let everyone’s imaginations run wild – even your own!  If you’re looking for creative inspiration, here are a few sites I visit frequently in my quest for fun, frugal and educational activities.

Inner Child Fun
Tinker Lab
Hands On As We Grow



What tools do you always have on hand in your house?


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One response to “Arts & Crafts Activity Tools

  1. Grandma C

    What a nice assortment. I would love to come and do crafts at your house.

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