Behold the Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are back!  No plug-in required for this cheap and entertaining project.  All you need are some typical household items and a curious mind…or two.  I found this activity over at SL Smith Photography.  Here’s what you need:


Clear plastic or glass bottles – we used a white wine bottle for its height and smooth sides.
Vegetable/canola oil – you can find this cheap at the dollar store.
Food coloring – always something to have on hand with little ones in the house.
Funnel – for pouring if you’re using a small mouth bottle.
Alka Seltzer or Efferdent – we found a generic brand of Efferdent at the dollar store so we used it.  You, basically, just need any kind of effervescent tablet.

First, you fill up the bottle more than half way with the oil.  Then, fill the remaining space with water, leaving about two inches at the top.


Next, add about 10 drops of food coloring.

_DSC0029Finally, break up one effervescent tablet in half and put one piece in at a time.  Watch the magic happen.  Once the bubbles start to slow down, you can add the other piece.  We did one bottle of green and then one of red.


A worthy note:  I don’t recommend any more than two full tablets in each bottle.  After that, the water starts to get a little murky.  I will also use more oil and less water next time.


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