Fun with Foam

In these final weeks of summer, we are itching to get outside more and more.  Our stints are still short, but we are determined.



A little creativity helped last week as we whipped up batches of Rainbow Dish Soap Foam.  This project is great in so many ways – you can mix it, whip it, throw it, shake it, blow it, dance around in it, wash your friends in it and get “clean” all at the same time.  We used D’s water table as the activity center outside.  We had a blast shaking the foam while spinning around in the “foam fall”.  This hour+ of entertainment is so easy, D even helped make it and set it up.  


1/4 c Water
2 Tbsp Dish Soap
3-4 drops of Food Coloring

Whip up ingredients on the highest speed your mixer will go (you can also do this in a food processor).  Whip until the foam forms peaks.  We did one batch each of red, yellow, _DSC9987green and blue.

When we were finished with the last ounce of bubbles, we hosed everything off, including ourselves, for a quick, easy clean up.





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2 responses to “Fun with Foam

  1. This is such a fun and creative way to spend time with the kiddo! Cant’ wait to try it with my kids this weekend.

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