I’ll admit, I wasn’t 100% on healthy eating this weekend.  I savored a Paradise Bakery oatmeal raisin cookie after dinner on Friday night and enjoyed grilled fare at a birthday party on Saturday.  While it wasn’t all nutritious, it was a great weekend with lots of…


D did much better in her swim class this weekend.  After a meltdown last week and a near repeat this week, she managed to get through the 30-minute class and enjoy it.  The best part is she swam on her own for the first time and showed off her new skills with friends at the birthday party.  Mommy and Daddy are very proud.  

Dive Front Dive Behind

Dancing... in her Gigi-designed tutu


Playing and even a Sunday Morning Bike Ride.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Grandma Cheryl

    Thanks for sharing! Sooooo cute! Grandma Gigi did a beautiful job on the tutu!

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