Real Food Challenge: Days Nine & Ten

The light outside has begun to change.  Autumn is approaching.  But here in Arizona, the autumn temperatures are still a few weeks away.  So while I’m still planning our bike rides, hikes and trips to the park in my mind, I continue to get up early, beat the sunrise/heat and go for my morning jog or pop in a fitness DVD (see previous post here).  Fitness is a very important part of this Challenge, too.  In fact, my morning workout is a key part of my day that I do five to six days a week.

Here’s my post workout view every morning while I sit on my patio and stretch.  My accountability partner loves to roll around in the cool grass after a nice jog around the neighborhood.


Eating well only enhances my workouts, giving me more energy and motivation to continue those early morning wake-up calls.  You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.  Amen.  I don’t see the point of working out only to trump it with bad eating habits, do you?  So here’s how I fueled my Tuesday and Wednesday:

Tuesday Breakfast: Kashi GOLEAN Crunch Protein cerealDSC01345
Lunch: Salad with tomatoes, cucumber, sunflower seeds, carrots, mini corns, olive oil and balsamic vinegar; cup of cottage cheese and peaches (photo is the nice smorgasbord that D has been taking in her lunches this week)
Dinner: Veggie & turkey omelette
Dessert: One RAWmazeball

Wednesday Breakfast: Reduced fat turkey bacon and egg white sandwich on whole wheat english muffin (a special treat at Starbucks)
Lunch: Salad with tomatoes, cucumber, sunflower seeds, olive oil and red wine vinegar; hummus and carrot sticks; cup of mulligatawny soup
Snack: Two RAWmazeballs
Dinner: Chicken orzo pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, basil, arugula, olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing and crumbled goat cheese.  This is one of my favorite summer meals!

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One response to “Real Food Challenge: Days Nine & Ten

  1. Grandma Cheryl

    D’s lunch looks yummy! Your menu sounds very good and “Healthy”!

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