Real Food Challenge: Day Four

I love this quote.  Your body is the only place you, and only you, own.  You choose how you handle it, how you feed it, how you take care of it.  And boy, it’s a much cozier place when it’s clean and maintained, don’t you think?  It most certainly will hold its value longer.

Making anything a habit takes work – a lot of work – but staying fit and eating healthy has always been a priority for me.  Sure, I’ve fallen off the wagon, gained weight, eaten my fair share of junk food, but I always get back on track because I love that feeling of a great workout in the morning and a full day of clean eating.  I don’t live to workout, I workout and eat right to live…a healthy, energetic, happy life that will inspire my daughter to do the same.

Morning Workout: 30 min brisk walk
Breakfast: Blueberry greek yogurt with 2 tsps chia seeds
Lunch: Salad with romaine/spinach mix, mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes and salsa as the dressing; cup of mixed fruit; cup of black-eyed pea soup with celery, onion and carrots
Snack: Nature Valley protein trail mix bar and a handful of cashews
Dinner: Chicken and Cheese Tostadas, made with sprouted corn tortillas and topped with avocado, cilantro and salsa – definitely a keeper recipe!


What motivates you to take care of your body?


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