Weekday Mornings

Weekday mornings start at about 5:15am.  I start the day with a little “me” time – running/walking around the neighborhood with the dog, followed by stretching and relaxation techniques that help prepare me for the day to come.  I enjoy this time because I know as soon as I hit the shower, I’ve officially begun a busy day.

What follows in the next hour and a half is getting ready for work, making breakfast for D and I, preparing lunches for T and D, getting D dressed, hair combed, sunscreen on and fitting in time for the typical 3-year-old lollygag.  We are excited if we get 98% of these to-do’s done at home.  It’s not unusual for us to take breakfast to-go or get in some swipes at the hair while we’re throwing a cookie to the dog and jumping in the car.  However, there is one way to guarantee 100% in the morning and that is preparing lunches ahead of time.  Yes, I realize I haven’t unveiled anything miraculous here, but man, organization really pays off.  Thanks to my lovely husband and already washed and cut fruits and veggies, I opened the refrigerator on Sunday night to find this…


This is a sight for tired mommy eyes because I know I will get to sit at the table and eat breakfast with my little girl instead of eating a bowl of cereal at the counter while rolling turkey wraps.  Yes, it’s the little things – healthy lunches ready to go for the week and a few extra minutes for some lollygagging – who can’t use that?



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4 responses to “Weekday Mornings

  1. I sigh with happiness when I open the fridge and see a week’s worth of groceries that have already been bought without me having to think about it. It really is the little things!

  2. Grandma Cheryl

    What a great idea! Those lunches look very yummy. I also love the hair dryer picture.

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