Summer Vacation

Our annual summer vacation to Southern California included lots of pool time, beach days, eating on patios, fireworks, pony rides, train rides, parks, walking and exploring.  I even squeezed in a haircut and Delaney enjoyed a play date.

This time of year is when I wish our one-week vacation could be more like a one-month vacation.  My little family loves to be outside and whenever we head west during this particularly hot time at home, that’s exactly what we do – head outside when the sun rises and go back in when the crickets begin their evening sing-along.  Ah yes, now that’s a summer vacation worth writing about.

Here is a little snapshot of our trip this year, or you can visit our flickr set here.

CA July 13 Mosaic



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2 responses to “Summer Vacation

  1. Grandma Cheryl

    What a wonderful time by all! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.!!

  2. Rebecca Williams

    Looks like y’all had a great time!

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