Camping at the Rim

With a fully potty trained 3-year-old in tow, we decided to venture out into the world of camping once again.  After a couple successful nights “camping” in the backyard, we knew it was time to introduce D to a part of our life we haven’t shared since we found out she was on the way.

We went to the Mogollon Rim which is perfect for a quick weekend getaway – beautiful lakes, pine trees (oh how I miss pine trees), peace and quiet.  We avoid campgrounds if at all possible, which means we use nature when nature calls.  The best part?  D has now mastered the skill as well (with some help from mama) and is quite proud of her accomplishment.  The plans are already brewing for another National Park visit – now which one next?




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One response to “Camping at the Rim

  1. Gigi

    Miss D loves camping! The photo of her on top of the tree stump is wonderful. She is learning at just the right time. I was old enough (5 or 6) to remember the pee running down my ankles. I didn’t have a good “wilderness” teacher. Say, maybe that was in a public restroom stall!

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