Welcome to Three



Motorcycle DetailsDelaney's 3rd Birthday

Today, our beautiful girl turns three.  One part of me asks how that happened, the other part of me asks “are you sure she’s not 10?”  D has grown so much over this past year…

Using the bathroom on her own; dressing herself (for the most part); keeping us all safe (“two hands on the wheel!”); learning numbers in Spanish and French; practicing her sign language; working on her socialization skills; getting more creative in her play (she loves it when I bring bunny and doggie to life); learning independence and resiliency; singing – all…the…time; taking new risks (climbing rock walls, walking sidewalk ledges, swinging higher and higher); challenging herself with new games (puzzles and memory are the current favorites); gaining a sense of time (most everything that happened before today was “yesterday” or “last night”); exploring – the outdoors, new words (“that’s beautiful”), new books, new foods (salsa is “not too spicy”); testing – boundaries, mama & daddy’s patience, her volume level…growing into a caring young girl who has us amazed, laughing, and learning each and every day.

Happy Birthday to our Big Girl!


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