Easter Tree

Growing up, we always had an Easter Tree, which usually consisted of pussywillow branches adorned with hanging hollowed, colored eggs or little Easter ornaments.  I’ve continued that tradition in my own home, with some variations.  I use fake orange blossom branches, and while I, at one time, had great homemade hollowed egg ornaments, they have somehow disappeared.  So this year I made it a little easier on myself and my little busy helper by creating yarn eggs.  We only did a handful this year and hope to continue adding new colors to our tree in the coming years.





What you’ll need

  • Thin cotton yarn (I tried a thicker yarn and it didn’t harden)
  • Balloons (small water balloons work the best)
  • Craft glue (I used clear tacky glue and mixed it 2:1 with water in a small bowl)
  • Waxed paper
  • Clothespins
  • Clothes hanger

How to make it

  1. For each egg, cut twenty 3-foot-long strands of cotton yarn and blow up a balloon to a 6- to 8-inch diameter. Mix 2:1 glue and water in a shallow container or bowl.
  2. Cover your work area with a sheet of waxed paper. Hold a strand of yarn by one end, dip it into the glue mixture, then wrap it around the balloon. Repeat with the other strands, randomly overlapping them and tucking in loose ends, until the balloon is evenly covered.
  3. Using the clothespin, suspend the balloon from the clothes hanger and let it dry overnight. (Cover the area below it with newspaper/wax paper to catch drips.) Once the egg is completely dry, carefully poke a hole in the balloon, then pull it away from the string as it deflates. Hang your finished egg with ribbon or yarn.

What are your favorite Easter traditions?


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One response to “Easter Tree

  1. Cheryl

    What a great idea! They really turned out nice and colorful. The pop of color with the ribbons with the added touch.

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