Weekending with the Seasons

This is the time of year when the sharp contrast in weather reminds me why I keep our scarves and gloves out alongside our swimsuits.  Case in point, last weekend we drove to the Mogollon Rim to play in the snow which was up to our knees in some areas.  The snow there is dry but packs amazingly well.  I made my first snowman in I don’t know how many years.  D watched me build the layers and then gave it a hug and kiss for good luck (we are approaching end of winter, after all).  I even layed down at one point and made a snow angel.  I was a kid again.  My kid found joy in packing snow balls and throwing them at whatever target she found easiest to hit – a tree, mom, dad…  Even Tahoe had a blast running, diving and rolling around in the powder.







This weekend we were hit with the high 80’s at home so we switched gears, bought food to grill, broke out the water table, bubble machine, sprinkler and, yes, swimsuits, and made a weekend of it in the backyard.  That’s how we roll, this little family of mine – we take the seasons by their horns and make sure our attire is appropriate.

_DSC7961 _DSC7937 _DSC7895


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One response to “Weekending with the Seasons

  1. Cheryl

    It looks like you all had a good time!

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