Things I Love Week: Day Three

Day Three: This Age

No, not my age, but my 2 year and 9 month old daughter’s age.  We are officially out of diapers – we rarely have accidents and we’ve jumped the hurdles of going number two and using public toilets.  Yes, we are potty trained, hallelujah!

But besides accomplishing this huge milestone, her personality is really starting to blossom and become more evident every day.  She’s empathetic, tidy, determined and has an amazing memory.  She loves animals, she loves to snuggle, she says “I love it!” to just about everything and is often heard sighing “awww” when she sees bunnies, babies and flowers.

Tonight, I was able to capture some of her personality while taking a bath with her duckies.  Did I mention that she loves to have her picture taken and demands to see it every time I take one?  Yes.

"Oh sorry ducky, I need to clean you, ok?"

“Oh, sorry ducky, I need to clean you, ok?”

"I'm cleaning ducky!"

“I’m cleaning ducky!”

"All clean now, ducky?"

“All clean now, ducky?”


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One response to “Things I Love Week: Day Three

  1. Cheryl

    What cute pictures! It brings back memories when you were her age!

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