Things I Love Week: Day Two

Day Two: Homemade Bread


Baking doesn’t come naturally for me.  In fact, I rarely veer off the recipe, unless I really know it well, for fear I will surely mess up whatever I’m making.  However, this little truth doesn’t change the fact that I prefer homemade goods over store-bought and I make an effort to serve the least amount of processed foods as possible.  Enter homemade bread.

This is a new venture for me.  I have not a bread maker but the heels of my very own hands, and those of a two year old who loves to squeeze and mold just about anything.  Given the amount of time it takes to rise, push down, rise and repeat, it requires half a day, but I found a recipe that is simple and delicious – Honey Oat Bread.  It makes two loaves which covers us for about two weeks, and works well for any kind of sandwich, toast, croutons, etc.

I found the recipe in the book The Rhythm of the Family: Discovering a Sense of Wonder through the Seasons.  In respect to the author, I won’t give out her recipe here, but you can find this book at your local library, as I did.  It made my house smell divine and gave me a sense of pride, too!


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  1. Cheryl

    Good for you! Bread can be TRICKY! The smell of home made bread is AMAZING!!!

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