So refreshing…

We love it when it rains here.  In fact, each member of my household has a unique way of paying homage to this natural, but often rare, delight in the desert…

  • T most likely claims a needed trip to Starbucks.  This isn’t nearly as rare as rainfall in the desert, but it’s still a great excuse.
  • I go outside and immediately inhale that lovely smell of freshness, and fill with a burst of new energy that comes with a nice change.
  • D puts on her shoes and jacket then proceeds to run around in it.
  • Tahoe lies on the patio or grass and waits for the first drops.
  • Our cactus plants provide us with short-lived but beautiful flowers.

What do you like to do when it rains?


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2 responses to “So refreshing…

  1. Cheryl

    I love the smell after a long hot spell! How cute of D running around in the rain.

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